Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, there was a lot of rompin' this morning in the kitty room. Robyn is better, but mainly I think because I have really reduced the amount of food she consumes at one time. She is not pleased about it either. Her belly is so bloated most of the time, I can't see how she can get one more morsel in! I even posted a side shot of her here, (photo #2) so you can see that belly!

The first photo is of Reuben. He is quite the bundle of energy when he is ramped up. He loves to mix it up with his playmates. When he is ready to sleep though, he instantly purrs when you touch him. He is a sweet little guy.

The bottom photo is Noah. He is getting ready to take a bath here. He always looks to me like he has a jacket on half way, because one of his front legs is gray, and the other is white, like he hasn't gotten that arm in the sleeve quite yet.

I will get some more photos of Sullivan and Natalie this afternoon.