Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Raw diet?

I started the kittens on a new diet last night. I didn't go with the raw diet, because there seem to be too many ways that can cause problems. I decided to go with a chicken and rice diet. I microwaved some frozen chicken, and cooked some rice. I cut up the chicken, and put it in the food processor. My mistake was I put the rice in the food processor too. What a big hunk of goo. I brought it up to try it out on the itty bitties, and to say the liked it would be the understatement of the century. They all 4 went nuts! I thought they would choke, because it was so thick, and they were eating so fast! I quickly picked up the bowls, rethought the whole thing, and added water to the mix, so at least they could swallow it. That made some difference, and they gobbled it all down.

I decided I needed more chicken, less rice, so I cooked another piece, and put that through the food processor. Much better! I decided to add the new chicken to the rest of the mixture I had made earlier, to thin down the gelatinous glob of rice. I thought a little more, and decided they may not be getting enough vitamins with chicken and rice, so I added some more water, and a hand full of the dry kitten food. This was at about 10:30 last night.

I went to bed shortly after that, and of course I was paranoid that one of them might have choked when I left the room. I don't think I slept well.

I got up, showered and went downstairs to warm up the food. I nuked it just enough to take the chill off, and ventured back upstairs to see what was what.

I opened the door, and all 4 came tumbling out. Whew. All accounted for. Of Course Robyn was screaming at me by the food bowls when I stepped into the room. The others soon came back in to eat, with the exception of Sully who now thinks it's cool to run downstairs. He did come back up before I had to go get him though, and I only had to go out into the hall to fetch him.

The first thing I noticed was nothing. No nasty poop smell! It was amazing. There was still some poop on the floor, and it was still loose, but it was a light color, not the dark and smelly poop of the past. Maybe I am on to something here.

I put the fresh batch of food down for them, and they all jumped right in. I have to say, I enjoy watching them eat. The interaction is pretty amusing. Robyn is always first. She usually ends up at a bowl with Natalie. Sully and Reuben get the other. I watch them for a few minutes, then I have to pull Robyn away, and try to distract her for a minute. When I let her go, she runs to the closest bowl. If that happens to be Sully and Reuben's bowl, then it gets interesting.

Both of the boys are a little food aggressive. Robyn will literally slink up to the bowl, and both Sully and Reuben will growl, and slap a paw on top of her head to hold her back! It's actually helpful to keep her at bay. She always manages to get past them, and she would push them out of the way if I didn't intervene.

I am hoping the new food will make a difference over time, and I will be able to wean them back onto the regular food.