Thursday, April 30, 2009

new adventure

The itty bitties got a new "toy" this week. I hung the hammock up on the blue chair. They seemed to enjoy playing on it. They have become quite the jumpers lately, and I have to make sure I keep everything I want to keep intact at least on the 3rd shelf in the kitty room. (Like I neglected to do with their paperwork earlier this week.)

Everyone checks out the new hammock.

Sage and Halicy check out the bunk beds.

They are closing in on weight, but I don't think they will make it this week. The little ones are stalled. I think we have about 4+ ozs to go for Halicy, Dot and Sage. Kelsey and Hogan are well past the weight, so I may split the team up, and get them in before the crowd of kittens that are bound to show up soon. I don't have any real worries that any of these guys will linger at the shelter. They are just too cute. See what I mean?

Hogan is too cute for his own good.

More Cuteness.

Halicy battles it out with the cardboard paper towel tube.

Dot and Halicy work to untie the hammock.

Dot takes a go at it again.

Sage is getting tired.

But not too tired for a close-up.

Time for the Kelsey Show!

Kelsey is bored with that idea.

So she watches from her new perch.