Thursday, January 28, 2010

a bit of a scare

I arrived home Wednesday about 1:30, and as soon as Bosley heard my voice, he started the chattering to be let out of the kitty room. He is still too small to have run of the house if no one is home. I let him out, and he was already licking his chops, telling me he was nauseous. Sometimes after he moves around a bit, he feels better, so I didn't feed him right off the bat. I sat down at my desk to do some work. Then, I noticed something odd. Bosley didn't climb up onto my desk.

I got up and looked for him in the kitty room, and he was on his bed, in front of the heat vent. He heard me and came running over, but when I went back to my office, he didn't follow. Odd. I picked him up, and he felt warm. I assumed it was from the vent. I brought him in with me to the office and he sat with me for a while, but then went back to his room. I went back in and decided I best take his temp. 104.4! Yikes! I called Dr. Brown at Capital Cat Clinic, and told them what was up. Dr. Brown was with another patient, so she said he would call me back. About 2 minutes later she called and said bring him in now.

Bosley's new favorite downstairs place to sleep. Can you say "heat Vent?"

We got there, and we waited about 10 minutes until Dr. Brown got done with his other patient, and we went in to the exam room. The tech took his temp, still 104.4. Dr Brown came in and I kept putting Bosley on the counter, and he kept leaping back onto my chest, doing his best to climb up to my shoulder. Dr. Brown said he expected to see a really lethargic lump, so he was pleasantly surprised. He gave Bosley a shot of long lasting antibiotic, and I asked if we could get something for the nausea, because he was losing weight. (The weight was actually down an ounce to 1.11!) We chatted about it, and he gave me a vial of meds, and a bag of syringes.

I figured this surprise visit with meds was going to be expensive, but I didn't care. When we went to pay for it, it was less than a regular visit! Dr. Brown is my hero! I think that megaesophagus is pretty rare in cats, so this is a great study for them. The radiologist they sent the films to also want to do a fluoroscope, so they can see moving pictures of what is going on. They also will be doing it no charge.

Buck and Bosley wait for dinner.

So, today is day 3 with the nausea medication. Bosley still vomits, but he doesn't feel nauseous all the time, at least I don't think so. He isn't licking his chops all the time. Now when he throws up, it's usually because he has tried to eat too fast. That doesn't work so well. The hernia and the low motility keep the food from going into his belly too fast, and the megaesophagus means he just packs the food in, and it has nowhere to go, but back up. Now I feed him slowly, and it is working to an extent. Plus, now that he is on the meeds, even if he throws up, he goes back and tries again. Hopefully we have a system working now. I weighed him today, and he is at 1.13 1/2 oz, which is the most he has ever weighed!

Bosley looks like he feels better.

So, we continue to move forward. Boz gets fed about 5 or 6 times a day, and can get through about a half a big can now, with occasional KMR, and Nutrical regularly. We will keep our fingers crossed and hope he keeps gaining weight. I am thinking of a 2lb party, as soon as he gets there. I hope it's sooner rather than later.