Thursday, April 30, 2009

new adventure

The itty bitties got a new "toy" this week. I hung the hammock up on the blue chair. They seemed to enjoy playing on it. They have become quite the jumpers lately, and I have to make sure I keep everything I want to keep intact at least on the 3rd shelf in the kitty room. (Like I neglected to do with their paperwork earlier this week.)

Everyone checks out the new hammock.

Sage and Halicy check out the bunk beds.

They are closing in on weight, but I don't think they will make it this week. The little ones are stalled. I think we have about 4+ ozs to go for Halicy, Dot and Sage. Kelsey and Hogan are well past the weight, so I may split the team up, and get them in before the crowd of kittens that are bound to show up soon. I don't have any real worries that any of these guys will linger at the shelter. They are just too cute. See what I mean?

Hogan is too cute for his own good.

More Cuteness.

Halicy battles it out with the cardboard paper towel tube.

Dot and Halicy work to untie the hammock.

Dot takes a go at it again.

Sage is getting tired.

But not too tired for a close-up.

Time for the Kelsey Show!

Kelsey is bored with that idea.

So she watches from her new perch.

Monday, April 27, 2009

running to the finish line

The itty bitties are rushing to the finish line. They are all growing, eating like little pigs and getting sweeter by the day. I think maybe next week, they should be to weight and off to the shelter to find their forever homes. Kelsey and Hogan are already there. Hogan at a robust 2.10, Kelsey at 2.8. The smallest is now Sage, and she is only at 2.2. Still a ways to go. Hopefully she and Dot will have a surge this week.

They got to run the halls today, and all found themselves in the bathroom. I was laughing out loud watching them. Buck was entertaining them with his fetching of the paperball skills, and they were doing kitten climbing the shower curtain. Humm. I believe we need a little more training.

Kelsey's cuteness knows no bounds.

Kelsey makes a grab for someone's foot.

Hogan checks out Bucks paperball.

Got tried to escape the grip of Halicy.

Bathroom smackdown brought to you buy lifebouy soap.

Sage tries to get Buck's tail.

Sage stretches to get a look in the tub.

She can't see in, so she climbs up to get a better view.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

vaccinations and such

The itty bitties got their vaccinations yesterday. They were quite brave, and there was only a little blood...and it belonged to me. Note to self...cut kittens nails the morning BEFORE vaccinations!

Sierra went on view yesterday too, so that was great news. I sent them some better photos, so she will look so beautiful, everyone will want to adopt her. I need to write a nice little blurb about her too.

Halicy has decided she not only likes to climb up on my shoulder, but likes to climb on the top of my head. Of course, if SHE gets to get on my head, Sage has to climb up there too. Then there is a power struggle.


Sage playing

Even after vaccinations, all the itty bitties seem to be more than happy to have attention lavished on them. This is a good thing, since they are inching ever closer to the 2lbs, 8oz mark for spay/neuter. They have to begin the special training for going on view...


Hogan in a trance.

Kelsey climbing up my leg.

They will now begin extreme cuteness training. Run to anyone that opens the door...paw through the cage bars to attract attention...cry if that doesn't work. Yes indeed. This week begins extreme cuteness training.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

out of room experience

We let the itty bitties out for a run in the hallway today. They got some face time with Bentley too. He is far more interested in licking all the dregs out of their food bowl than he is in them! They are unafraid of him, which is so funny, because they are all very cautious when they see Buck.

Kelsey in a stare-down with the camera.

Hogan doing his runway model pose.

Halicy after a late night snack.

Dot checking out Bentley with some caution.

Sage gets a big Bentley kiss.

I have been looking for Sierra up on the shelter website, but didn't see her. I spoke to the volunteer coordinator who told me she has developed mastitis, but is on antibiotics, and doing OK. Hopefully, she gets better quickly and goes on view before kittens start to roll in.

The Homies will be 8 weeks old tomorrow! Hard to believe they have been here that long already. They are coming along fine, gaining weight daily. Hogan is the biggest at 2lbs, 3 1/2oz. Next is Kelsey at 2lbs 2 3/4 oz. They others are still under 2lbs, but not by much. Dot is the smallest at 1lb 12oz.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sierra went back to the shelter for spay-day yesterday. Now the 5 itty bitties are orphans. OK, not really. They are weaned, and not the least bit worried about where mama is! The meds seem to have the runny poop taken care of, and these guys are closing in on 2lbs. I bet tonight Kelsey and Hogan go over that magic mark. When I first started fostering, they went out for spay/neuter at 2 lbs, but nowadays, we keep them until they are 2 1/2lbs. Safer to spay then, and they get a chance to get a little stronger. Besides, they are just as cute at 2 1/2lbs as they are at 2!

They are 7 weeks and 2 days old today! It's rare to know the exact date of birth, but these guys were born in the shelter, so we know the exact date. I think I am going to supply some of my photos for a local cat non-profit, showing the development from 1 day old to 8 weeks old, so people that find feral kittens will have an idea exactly how old they are. I will post some of the 1 day pix and the 8 week pix when these guys hit that mark, and everyone can see the progress.

I caught the itty bitties during a quite time. How rare! Halicy is sleepy.

Sage climbs up onto my lap.

Kelsey looks good on a deep red background.

Hogan looks up when I enter, but makes no move to get up.

Dot doing her Dot thing. She has really gotten to be quite happy to be held...way more than the others.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

miracle meds

Yes indeed, the Metronidazole has already worked wonders. No more squirts for the itty bitties! Everyone has gained weight, and although they are not to happy with me about giving them the Metro, they have a short memory.



Hogan winks and gets the camera's total attention away from Kelsey.

Halicy is tired

Dot showing off her lip-liner and o course, her "dot".

I am probably going to take Sierra back to the shelter this week, so she can get on view before there are a ton of kittens there, so she has a better chance of getting adopted soon. I just checked the site, and there are no kittens on it yet. That means Sierra will get more looks. If you know anyone who would love a nice, maybe 2 or 3 year old cat, who is fine with other cats and she doesn't seem to be afraid of dogs, let me know! She is a sweet girl, and as you can see, beautiful.

Sierra hopes to get a new forever home sooner than later.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Took the Itty Bitties to the vet today. At least 2 of them have liquid diarrhea. Saw Halicy and Dot use the box, and they both were pretty messy, so hopefully, the Metronidazole will make quick work of the poop issues. Dot also has ear mites, so they all will be getting treated for that too. Fun stuff. Plus, they all got started today on Panacure, for round 2, so they will NOT be happy with me for the next week.

Looks like the Metronidazole did the trick over at 50kittens too. The Bottle Rockets look like they are past their vomit and poop issues.

Other than that, all is well here at Itty Bitty Central.

More playtime with Dot and Sage

Halicy looking princess-like

All tired out after the vet visit.


Kelsey and Halicy.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

see saw see saw

Well, Dot is back to her 2 steps forward, one step back deal. She lost weight again. Not sure what's up. She is fine otherwise, and I watched her go at it with the other 4 as hard as anyone. I did give them all some KMR tonight mixed with a can. They all loved that.

I spent a good amount of time cleaning the kitty room tonight. I am hoping again that we have the whole litter box thing down now, but I am sure there will be accidents. I think I may have to add a third box.

They decided they like the dangley toy. Kelsey went after it with abandon! Poor Dot couldn't get a swat in edgewise. She did finally get a couple swats in with Halacy, and by herself when the others were occupied with something else.

Joy ran the vacuum in the hallway, and there was some freaking out, but only for a minute...except for Hogan. He was really scared. He hid under the supply cart until it stopped. He did eventually come out.

I thought Sierra was done nursing them, but looks like I was wrong!