Monday, September 27, 2010

growin' up

The Who's are growin' like weeds. They look huge compared to Cindy Lou Who, who is pretty small. I have a feeling they are gonna be way bigger than their mama.
Everyone belly up to the bar. Or is that bar up to the belly?

They are fighting over "belly time" and squawk and squeal to get a nipple! Everyone is growing, so I guess they are all getting enough time in at "the bar".

Yo! Bartender!

It's nice to have a mama cat around. Makes my life much easier. All I need to do right now is feed Cindy Lou, and scoop her box every day. Easy! The goopy eye seems to be going away, and life is easy...but it won't be long before they are all running around my office. Then the fun begins.

Checked on Gadget today. I was told he got a bit of a URI shortly after he arrived, but he is doing fine now, and on view. Might have to go see him this week, and meet the new Executive Director. I hear he is going to do great things there. I hope so.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bye to Gadget, new digs for the Whos

Bosley gives Gadget a goodbye wrestle. 
Well, Gadget went back to the shelter yesterday, and should have a little something "missing" by now. ;) He was scared, but not too bad. They had him in a cage for holding by himself, and I asked him if he could go in with the sweet little black and white in the cage next to him. They said sure, and put moved him over in with her. She came over to see him and he promptly hissed at her. Oh well. I tried! I think once he settled down he would warm up to her. Oh, I also asked about Inspector, since I never saw him on the website. I was a little worried, and was hoping nothing went wrong during his neuter. Nope. He was adopted on Saturday!
Puddle of sleepy kittens

After I got back home, I commenced with the office scrubdown! Man, I have to keep reminding myself why I do this! It is a labor of love, that's for sure. I scrubbed the floor, wiped up poopie foot prints, scrubbed poop off the wall behind the litter box. Thank goodness for Nature's Miracle. Good stuff!
Looks like kitten peek-a-boo!

I got Cindy Lou back in the carrier with the baby Who's and brought them in. Cindy was a little apprehensive at first, but seems to have settled in nicely. She really is a good mama. I am a little freaked (just a little) because the babies are still a bit crusty eyed. I am wiping them with warm water at least once a day. I am not sure if I should start them on some antibiotic eye cream or not. I think for now I will just keep a close eye on them. They should start exploring soon!
Back to sleep

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gadget doing better, and the Whos get bigger.

Little Gadget is doing really well on his week alone. Bosley comes in sometimes, and when he does, Gadget goes crazy. He rubs all over Bosley, who is really only interested in eating Gadget's food.

Gadget LOVES Bosley.

Sometimes Bosley will engage him. I guess it's nice for Bosley to have someone to play with that he is actually bigger than. (Not much bigger though.)

Game on!

Gadget still takes a minute to warm up when I go into the office, but once I pick him up, or pet him, he starts to purr right away. He is gonna be fine. He likes to play, and loves the feather, and my shoe strings! When he plays, he forgets to be afraid, and lets me pet him without cowering. He really is a sweet little boy. He is going back Monday, and I will miss him. (Yes, I miss them all).

Gadget plays with the feather.

Bosley and Gadget share a snack.

Gadget has to go back Monday to make room for the rapidly growing Whos. They are residing in the guest room right now (the former kitty room) but since I am having a guest arriving on Thursday, I need to move them over into my office. The office needs a good scrub down first. Don't want to pass anything on to the Who family.

The Whos nest.

So, as you can see, the Whos eyes are now open, except for one. I have been gently cleaning the eyes of the babies, since they have been a little crusty, but this little one just seems to be a little behind on the eye opening department. On the weight gain department, he is doing just fine. Everyone is gaining daily, so no worries there. I have been giving Cindy Lou lysine for the last few days, and hopefully that will take care of the babies too.

When I was taking the babies out to weigh them and clean their eyes, Cindy Lou was not too happy with me. They squeal and she gets very concerned. I put one back in the nest and go to get another, and Cindy Lou would grab my hand. She was gentle, didn't even scratch, but she was not happy with me and she was letting me know.

I also decided on names! Here they are...the Whos!

Meet Martha May Whovier.

Meet Sargent Who-lihand

Meet Mayor Augustus Maywho

Meet Betty Lou Who


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inspector heads out

Yes, Inspector made his way back to the shelter yesterday, so he could be neutered today, and go on view tomorrow. I feel bad, keeping Gadget all alone in my office, but it's for his own good.

I noticed him making chirping sounds and mewing last night and this morning. Even though he still runs to hide, and makes me "catch" him, he starts to purr almost immediately after I pick him up. Let's hope this works! I want the little guy to find a great forever home.

We did have some quality quiet time with Gadget today. Joy had him in the bedroom, watching TV for a good hour this evening while I was in with Cindy Lou, weighing the babies. He was very good, and did the purr thing for the majority of the time. As I sit here now, he just realized Bosley was in the room, and he is all over him! I really do feel bad that he is alone all day. :( I still feel hopeful that he will be adopted, and will make a good pal for the perfect person.

Once Gadget heads back next week, I will scrub down the office, and get it prepared for Cindy Lou and the baby Whos. They are holed up in my guest room for now (the old kitty room). It's not a problem since the baby Whos are still contained in a carrier and still have their eyes closed. Hopefully Mama and babies will stay healthy...which is another big reason for a heavy duty scrub down. And my office needs it anyway!

I can see the Who's won't be contained for long!

Unfortunately, I heard some sneezing today. Cindy Lou seems a little sneezy, and at least one of the babies. I am going to put her on lysine tomorrow, and hope we head it off.

This girl looks a little like Hogan, from the Homies back in Feb of 09.

I also saw...a flea! I will take a flea comb to them all tomorrow too. Can't be having fleas here. No way.

The darkest of the grey ears.

Friday, September 10, 2010

meet the whos

Here they are. The Who's.
This mama, with 3 day old kittens, came here with the name Cindy. No offense to any Cindy's out there, but that name is just too...vanilla. So, since Cindy is very tiny herself, I decided to call her Cindy Lou Who.

Cindy Lou Who.

As you can see, she is a very lovely cat. (She looks a little mean, but she is very pretty) She seems to be a very young mother, probably from the wrong side of the tracks. I am sure she used her exotic beauty and clever wit to attract a very handsome "baby daddy".

The "Family Who"

She is a bit unsure, a sign of her inexperience. She wants love, but is very protective of her babies. She hisses and growls, while doing her best to rub all over me. After a day at Casa de Gato, she has little fear left, and is all about the food, and the love!

The lone kitten who looks related to mama.

By the look of 3/4 of this brood, the baby daddy is possibly some sort of Siamese cat...a traveling man no doubt. One baby looks a lot like Cindy Lou, while the other 3 are mostly white, with faint stripes, and some darker coloring on the ears.

Couple of really light colored babies.

I have no doubt this little family will do just fine here. Once the boys go back on Monday, they will move into my office for the rest of their time her...which will most likely put us into December! Once these little ones get a little bigger, and we can tell the boys from the girls, we will give them names!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

boys is boys

And the boys are still here. All 3 of the Island Girls have been adopted. Belize and Aruba went together, and Jamaica was adopted a week later. Inspector has been ready for a week or so, but Gadget is still very afraid. I have to "catch" him to hold him. Once I have him, he is pretty good. I can get him to purr (much more readily when Inspector is around, purring himself) and sleep, but as soon as he sees a chance, he will bolt. I am very worried he will never get adopted. I was hoping someone would take the 2 of them together, but I sorta want to keep him another week. Pretty sure if I do, Inspector will be scooped up, and Gadget will be left all alone. So, anyone want a couple of kittens, one that is sweet and loving, and the other...well, needs some help.

Too cute to be afraid.

Bosley has taken to leaping over the framed poster that I have blocking the door into my office, and hanging with the boys. He will engage them sometimes, but they really are very interested in him. Gadget gets much more bold when Boz is in there. He is less worried about me than he is getting close to Bosley.

Boz plays with Gadget

I figure I have a a few more days to try to get Gadget less afraid. They are supposed to go back Monday. Would not have any problem keeping them both another week, but I got a call today...Picked up a mamma and 4 babies. The babies are about 3 days old. They are now residing in the old kitty room, which is now the guest room. I don't want to keep them there for too long, but they can't move into the office until the boys are gone, and I clean the place up.

I don't have any pictures yet, but I will plan to take a bunch tomorrow. I will do my best to get them up by the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy the movies!