Friday, January 9, 2009

quiet on the home front

It seems quiet around here, although sometimes I swear I hear a kitten crying. It's either my imagination, or the ghost of some former foster kitten that still wants my attention.

I am still working on my never ending (it seems) job of cleaning and organizing the kitty room while it is sans kittens. The only real piece of furniture in there is a shelving unit, which we mostly use for storage, but little by little, it seems to be the home of kitty supplies. I moved almost everything to the rolling cart which is supposed to be uses for supplies, but there are too many towels, and bags of food to put in there, so they are using some shelf space.

While I was putting some loose items in plastic boxes to keep them save from jumping, shelf climbing kittens, I found a bunch of photos. Here are some of the ones I found. Hard copy photos from my very first litter, the orange tabbies! They were adorable, and being the very first litter, we fell in love with all of them. We seriously thought about adopting Dakota, but he eventually went to a local vet, who had recently lost his cat, and wanted a male orange tabby.

My scanner is on the fritz, so I took pictures of the pictures. Not too bad.

All the sleepy babies

A puddle of orange and white. From left to right, Dakota, Latte, Jack, Lilly, LT and Sadie

Quite the mellow group

LT dragging his favorite toy under the desk

LT an Dakota sharing a moment

Jack. He was the last one to be adopted

Dakota, the one we almost kept.