Monday, September 27, 2010

growin' up

The Who's are growin' like weeds. They look huge compared to Cindy Lou Who, who is pretty small. I have a feeling they are gonna be way bigger than their mama.
Everyone belly up to the bar. Or is that bar up to the belly?

They are fighting over "belly time" and squawk and squeal to get a nipple! Everyone is growing, so I guess they are all getting enough time in at "the bar".

Yo! Bartender!

It's nice to have a mama cat around. Makes my life much easier. All I need to do right now is feed Cindy Lou, and scoop her box every day. Easy! The goopy eye seems to be going away, and life is easy...but it won't be long before they are all running around my office. Then the fun begins.

Checked on Gadget today. I was told he got a bit of a URI shortly after he arrived, but he is doing fine now, and on view. Might have to go see him this week, and meet the new Executive Director. I hear he is going to do great things there. I hope so.