Sunday, July 25, 2010

all things in time

In the week since I picked up the hissy fits, there have been a few changes. First, we have gotten past the hissing. They are still a little shy, but the fleecy string brings them out to play, and regular attention has made them less fearful. Belize doesn't hide when I come in the room, and likes attention. She still has skittish moments, but in general likes to be scratched. The torte girls are more fearful that Belize, but have made progress. Jamaica was the first to actually relax when held, and to purr. She still runs when you enter the room, but once you get her, she is ok being held. Aruba is a harder nut to crack, but we are working on her.

Jamaica strikes a pose.

Belize and Aruba wake up from a nap.

A couple of day after the hissy fits arrived, I got a call that the shelter had 2 more that were about the same size, also semi-feral, and could I take 2 more. I picked up Inspector and Gadget on Wednesday. Inspector wasn't too bad. Tolerated holding, and didn't struggle much. Gadget wanted nothing to do with it!


Inspector likes to put a paw in the water bowl while he drinks.

Friday, I realized Inspector was ill. I gave him 2 doses of subQ fluids, and forced some Nutri-cal into him. (He didn't care much for it). Saturday, I made an appointment, and took them all in, since I had been hearing all 5 of them sneezing. (I started them all on lysine on Friday). Inspector was still a bit dehydrated, and not eating. He was put on Clavamox, and given more fluids, and force fed some AD cat food.

Today, I have heard very little sneezing, and Inspector is eating, and seems to be feeling better. Looks like we dodged a bullet with all of them. (Fingers crossed)

Chow time!

This coming week, we give a full court press to Gadget. He is too cute to be feral!

The elusive Gadget.