Wednesday, January 20, 2010

prognosis: good!

Bosley has been enjoying his time hanging outside the "prison" of the kitty room. He loves to be anywhere we are, wherever that might be, He also likes hanging with the "big kids" who are fairly accommodating too, even Ripley, who really doesn't care much for any other cats.

Bentley is less curious of him, since Bosley is not afraid of him, and doesn't run, so he usually gives him a sniff, and then ignores him. (Buddy on the other hand couldn't be still, so Bentley was always wanting to chase him.) So goes the days here since we made Bosley an official member of the household.

Boz in his favorite spot while I am working at my desk. Yes, it does make it difficult!

We went to see Dr. Brown yesterday. The good news is, right off the bat he knew he didn't have a liver shunt. He was too active. He was up on my shoulder as soon as he could wiggle out of my hands, and was quite animated for Dr. Brown. We went through a few different ideas, and we decided that an x-ray would be a good first step. They took him upstairs, and we hung out in the lobby, chatting with the receptionists, and playing with the resident cat, Emmy.

Took a bit longer than I thought it would, but we found out they decided to do a barium swallow after they looked at the first 2 x-rays. We went back into the exam room and looked at them. The barium really showed something very interesting, but not surprising to me. You could see the barium in the top of his esophagus, and in his belly, but not so much right around mid-way. Something is constricting it, which explains his constant vomiting. Dr. Brown thinks it is possibly something called a persistent right aortic arch. Sounds scary, but it is leftover tissue from when he was a fetus that didn't dissolve, or fall off, or whatever it does when they are born, and it constricts the esophagus. He could outgrow it, but either way, it is correctable with surgery.

Dr. Brown was going to consult with the other doc there, and then with a cardiologist to see what they think. I should hear back today at some point. Until we know more, we just keep on with what we are doing.

Bosley enjoying a little bed time.

Boz actually seems to be doing better. He is still vomiting, but less frequently, and even after he vomits, he goes back and eats more. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will grow out of it!