Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, It's Tuesday, and I decided the itty bitties might need a little more nourishment than mama can give them at this point, so I decided to supplement their diet with a bottle of formula a couple of times a day. 3 of them latched on great, and 2 didn't. I figure any help I can give Sierra will help out even the ones that don't take to the bottle.

I did a quick check last night, and sure enough, 4 girls and one boy. So, I need two more names for this litter. Any suggestions?

Kelsey was one that latched on, and got her belly full.

Sierra is still being a good mama, and here's a shot of her post kitten bath. Didn't quite get that tongue back in.

This picture is a little creepy to me...What was that horror movie where the scary dude had all the tortured children in/on his body? Freddy Kruger? Well, whatever, this sorta reminds me of that!

This is what a puddle of full kittens looks like.

They are starting to get a little feisty now, and bite at each other.