Tuesday, May 17, 2011

they're here!

I knew it was gonna happen soon, and so it has. We finally have kittens again!

We got the call yesterday, and we went to the shelter to sign the papers, and then picked them up directly from the vet around 5:00.

We only knew there was a mama and 3 babies, born on Thursday. That's all. We signed for them, and headed out...and Joy read the paper work. So we now know this cat came in as feral, and no one knew she was pregnant. The paperwork said they came in the next morning to 4 kittens, one deceased, and that she was not feral.

She is not feral, that is true, but she is very afraid. She already seems less afraid, but she needs some work. The names assigned to them...well, let's say they are changing! Mama came in named Temple. Not horrible, but not a keeper. The babies...Ugh. Peanut, Butter and Jelly! No. Not happening.

We decided on a theme. Temple will now be Tempest. She is a torte (as you can see if you have read down this far!). The other three we have decided on as: Mayhem, Chaos and Fracas. I like that theme. We all know how kittens are. ;)

So, without further ado, here they are...The Whirlwinds.

Mama Tempest hanging with the gatitos.

She isn't sure what to think of the attention.

Babies don't really care.

Tempest hears Bentley barking outside.

She doesn't seem to worried.

Not a whole lot to see just yet, but I will do my best to take some close ups of the babies tomorrow. The buff colored ones are 1 boy, and one girl. The big boy is Mayhem. The buff girl is Chaos, and the little black girl is Fracas.