Thursday, August 28, 2008

all's well...

Everything seems to be going smoothly. (I always hate to say anything like that, lest I jinx it!) all 3 kittens are very active and seem to be enjoying the new freedom of having a room to play in, instead of a little cage. Mama seems to be getting more use to me, cowering, but letting me pet her. She has never been hissy, just scared. We seemed to be making progress...and then came the antibiotics.

She was NOT happy about getting Clavamox. Still no hissing, but trying oh so hard to get away! Having to get it twice a day for the next 7-10 days is goingtobe a setback for sure, but she is so congested. I think she is already feeling better after just one dose. I tried to get a weight on her yesterday so I could make sure I was giving her the correct dose, but all I have is a kitten size scale. I think I got a fairly accurate reading, even with the squirming. I know she is small, but I was surprised at just how little she is. 5lbs! She is a tiny girl, barely more than a kitten herself.

Gibby has a bit of a food face. Need to clean him up.

I am starting to be able to tell the itty bitties apart without looking for the "markers" I was using. Gwen is the chirper, and is more black than the other two. Greer has the blue collar, but she has silver tips on the hair on her legs. Gibby is a boy, and I used to look for his little wet butt, (which seems to be getting better, less runny poop) but now I see his tail is sort of squared off at the tip, unlike the girls.

Note the squared off tail.

I guess it's time to piss mama cat off again, with medication. I hope she forgives me.