Friday, October 10, 2008

more is more

I got 5 new itty bitties today.

They are a little shy, but that won't last long. They all weigh around a pound, so that should put them at about 4 weeks. They do look little compared to the last batch that went back last week.

There are 5 of them, 3 from one litter, and 2 from another. We will most likely change some names, but for now we have Norton, the orange tabby, Nadine, the tortoise shell, Niles the black kitten. The other 2 from a separate litter are Jet, the black & white, and Ebony, yes, another black kitten.

Although they were all a little timid when they came out of the crate, they got used to their new freedom very quickly. At the shelter they were in small cages, without much room to play. After about 10 or 15 minutes, the elephants were romping hard!

Jet is the crazy of this bunch. He ran through the water bowl about 3 times while I was sitting in there with them. Not too shy, and was ok with being held, and getting kisses practice.

Norton is very cute. He will be adopted easily. Orange tabbies are popular. He is a little shy, but gave a ready purr when I picked him up. He has sort of stayed in the far corner, climbing on a stack of towels, and onto a paper box.

Nadine (tortellini) was the most scared when she arrived, but is also coming along fine, purring when picked up.

Niles is the sweetest of the bunch so far. He loves to be in the lap already! We played chase, with my hand. He tried to climb up in my lap multiple times.

Ebony is a little shy. She is also a little on the wild side, willing to give Jet a run for his money, but she stayed out of the water bowl!

They all seem healthy, but did come with Clavamox. They are all going to be on it, and hopefully kick out any URI they might have picked up in isolation.