Thursday, October 1, 2009

movin' on up

The weight, that is! Reno is finally gaining weight. Just 3 days ago, she weighed in at 1lb, 6 oz. I was really worried whether or not she was gonna make it. Even after 5 days of Metro, she was still not eating much, and her stool was clay colored and liquid.

Today, she weighed in at 1lb, 11oz! It is nothing short of amazing. All she had been doing was sleeping, and barely eating. Last night, and today, she actually played with a toy! She still tires easily, but (knock on wood) it seems she has finally turned the corner. Whew.

Last night, we had Ted and Martha over from 50 kittens. We have been in contact, passing information back and forth about Reno, so it was awesome that Reno got to come down and strut, since she was finally feeling better. They don't have any kittens right now, so I was happy to share! She was happy to get all the undivided attention.

As for the rest of the circus, they are all to weight, and could go back to be adopted...if the quarantine was lifted. I hope they do it this weekend. These guys need to go while they are still little. They are all adorable, so they should get picked up quick. Reno is gonna be here probably until we leave for vacation. Boy, is she gonna be spoiled.