Thursday, September 11, 2008


I let all the guys out this afternoon for a few minutes. They have been rushing the door for a while now, so I decided to let 'em come out and see. They don't go far. Mama came out and looked around too. Unfortunately, she met Ripley, and a hiss and a swat. No damage done, but she decided to go back in the room and hang out. Bishop ran in and jumped to the top of the condo, and mama was happy to see him. She likes him, and he plays well with others. Mama Gia was rubbing all over the place trying to get his attention.

The itty bitties discovered the ceiling fan. Another new thing to see! And look at that huge cat! (Buck) Buck is curious, and loves to pretend that the itty bitties scare him.

He leaps in the air with a little squeak, and runs in the opposite direction. Pretty funny to see him run from them. They think it's great fun, but they are still too scared to chase him.