Sunday, April 5, 2009

elephants running

I have noticed the Elephants are louder and louder. When the 5 itty bitties get running, they run hard! I hear the thumping all the time now a days.

Today, the itty bitties got some out of kitty room time. They did the usual, and ran up and down the hallway. Hogan was funny, he was guarding the door to the room, and was doing the sideways hop as everyone was running by. He did eventually come out and check out my office, with all of his sisters.

Hogan guards his "room" while the girls are out.

Buck came up to see the running of the kittens. He is pretty indifferent for the most part, but he hissed at Sierra. Not sure what that deal is. Kelsey was a little freaked. I saw Hogan run in my office, and Buck was in there. Hogan stopped cold, and poofed out. He was frozen. I finally went in and picked him up and brought him out. After a couple of seconds, he thawed out, and was back to normal.

Kelsey meets Buck.

Can this guy be any cuter?

Sage checks out the stairs

Kelsey crashes, and Halicy peeks over her.

Dot pauses from running between rooms