Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 down, 2 to go!

I sent the Island Girls back to the shelter Monday. They were doing great, so it was time to go get "fixed" and find their forever homes. I will miss them, and all their "help" in my office. Help like throwing papers off my desk, sending emails while walking across my keyboard when I wasn't in my office, and untying my shoes when I was. Oh, and let's not forget the scratches on my legs when they wanted to climb into my lap, even when I had shorts on! I will really miss them. They came a long way from the 3 hissy fits that arrived a month ago.

The Island girls nap together.

Aruba and Jamaica practice their event for the kittah olympics...Synchronized sleeping.

Jamaica plays peek-a-boo.

The boys are still here. They need more work. Inspector is doing better. I got a big purr out of him yesterday. He is coming around. Gadget is too, but more slowly. He doesn't hide when I come in anymore, but I still have to actually "catch" him to pick him up, or even touch him. Once I have him he settles down nicely, but he has a ways to go.

The boys hang out in a empty cat food box.

Inspector "shows his stuff".

Gadget was just too cute to pass this photo up!

The boys are very wary...

Inspector wants to be close...but not too close!

I got a call from another rescue group who needed help. last week, they said they had 2 persian kittens, but turns out the woman that was giving them up changed her mind. Then I got a call this past weekend, saying they had one that they needed to find a foster home for ASAP. Never heard back about that one either. Not sure if they will ever pull it together, but I will just keep doing what I am doing for now. These 2 boys need my attention right now, so it's all good.

The resident kittahs keep an eye out.

Oh, and we had a visitor the other night. It had been raining, and Joy thought she heard a cat out at the "cat house" where we feed a couple of feral cats in the neighborhood. Nope, but this guy, or some of his relatives anyway, comes by on occasion too.

Our friendly neighborhood cat food thief.