Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Bentley, Buck, Ripley, Bishop and all the itty bitties hope you all have a great holiday season!

Bentley having a romp in the snow.

If you don't live "in these here parts," this past weekend we had quite the blizzard. Yes indeed, we got about a foot and a half of snow here! It was quite the scene! At least it was on Saturday, and no one REALLY had to go anywhere. Bentley had a blast in the snow, and the cats seemed to be happy they were inside where it was warm.

Front door picture Saturday night.

The front porch light on Monday.

It's been quite the roller coaster here at Itty Bitty Central. The Screamers are both doing great. They are happy, well adjusted and seem to have left all the poop issues behind them (no pun intended! OK. Maybe a little) They love to escape and run the hallway between the bathroom and the bedroom.

The Orange Brothers during a typical day.

Elf is growing and opening up more and more every day, and his eye is looking great! He has been known to venture out the door to see what the big deal is, but if something startles him, he high tails it back in and scampers under the wooden cart! He usually comes right back out, but it's pretty funny to see his mad dash under it.

Elf's eye is looking much better than I would have expected.

He certainly has energy to spare.

Boz is still a conundrum. He had a couple of bad days last week, and I really though that I might have to give up on him...but then, he had a burst of energy, and appetite, and gained some weight. I still think Elf may pass him in a week or so, unless he really turns it around. I have tired him on a raw diet, and he has not been able to keep it down. I have him on a chinese stomach mixture that seems to be helping. He still would rather have KMR, but does eat some of the canned food, especially in the morning, when he is really hungry. I have not seen any vomit today, or yesterday, and he has gained a couple of ounces. He is so happy when he feels well, and he loves to be held. He loves to hang with me at my desk while I am working. He sits on his haunches, and puts his paws on my chest, occasionally trying to (I believe) stick his head up my nostril. Quite the sight, I am sure!

During a better day, Boz chases his tail.

So, we muddle on, and see what tomorrow brings. Today, Boz feels good, and seems quite content. My Christmas wish is that he stays that way!