Saturday, August 16, 2008

Old Friends

Joy and I went to visit Joy's sister today. We also got to visit Yoshi and Spats. We persuaded her to adopt those two from our last litter. They are still adorable. We took over a kitty condo that my neighbor gave us. She got it for her two cats, and they would have nothing to do with it. We already have a huge one for our cats, and the itty bitties have one in their room, so we took it over to Maria. They loved it!

The photos today are of the itty bitties playing outside the kitty room. They are getting so big, it just seems cruel to keep them in there all day without getting out to run! Here, Reuben takes a peek out the front window.

Bentley takes a drink while Reuben watches Sully try to steal a little piece of doggie kibble.

Reuben sees what Bentley is doing outside.

Natalie surveys all from her perch on the countertop.

Hopefully, all 3 of these guys will stay healthy, and can get back to the shelter, be adopted and go to a great forever home!
And soon...they are getting so big...