Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 down, 2 to go!

I sent the Island Girls back to the shelter Monday. They were doing great, so it was time to go get "fixed" and find their forever homes. I will miss them, and all their "help" in my office. Help like throwing papers off my desk, sending emails while walking across my keyboard when I wasn't in my office, and untying my shoes when I was. Oh, and let's not forget the scratches on my legs when they wanted to climb into my lap, even when I had shorts on! I will really miss them. They came a long way from the 3 hissy fits that arrived a month ago.

The Island girls nap together.

Aruba and Jamaica practice their event for the kittah olympics...Synchronized sleeping.

Jamaica plays peek-a-boo.

The boys are still here. They need more work. Inspector is doing better. I got a big purr out of him yesterday. He is coming around. Gadget is too, but more slowly. He doesn't hide when I come in anymore, but I still have to actually "catch" him to pick him up, or even touch him. Once I have him he settles down nicely, but he has a ways to go.

The boys hang out in a empty cat food box.

Inspector "shows his stuff".

Gadget was just too cute to pass this photo up!

The boys are very wary...

Inspector wants to be close...but not too close!

I got a call from another rescue group who needed help. last week, they said they had 2 persian kittens, but turns out the woman that was giving them up changed her mind. Then I got a call this past weekend, saying they had one that they needed to find a foster home for ASAP. Never heard back about that one either. Not sure if they will ever pull it together, but I will just keep doing what I am doing for now. These 2 boys need my attention right now, so it's all good.

The resident kittahs keep an eye out.

Oh, and we had a visitor the other night. It had been raining, and Joy thought she heard a cat out at the "cat house" where we feed a couple of feral cats in the neighborhood. Nope, but this guy, or some of his relatives anyway, comes by on occasion too.

Our friendly neighborhood cat food thief.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back by popular demand!

I TOLD you not to call me here!

Yes, Bosley is back on the blog. He never went away really, but was on itty bitty hiatus. There is some jealousy issues with the Hissy Fits at first, but Bosley gets a lot of lap time in the evenings, so we have worked it out. ;)

Total cuteness.

The Hissy Fits are doing well. The "Island Girls" are fairly well socialized. Belize cries for attention, and is the least afraid of loud noises or sudden moves. The tortie girls are still a little "spooky" but once you start petting, they both turn into little purr machines, and can't get enough.

The Boys are still afraid, but less so. They were put on another round of Panacure, so they just haven't had a chance to trust me. Even so, they come out, and play even if I am in the room, so that is a plus.

The girls are about to weight, but I will keep them all together. Gadget likes to sleep with the tortie girls, and Inspector and Belize play together a lot, so I won't split them up just yet. I will have them for another couple of weeks.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

friendlier on the home front

The Hissers are done hissing, with the exception of Gadget, when I go to pick him up. It's not too much, and he settles down right away. It's a lot easier to gain their trust now that they are done with medication. The Metronidazol (flagel) did it's job, and all the stools are fairly solid these days. They will need another round of Panacure soon, but for now, I am just going to give them love...not nasty medicine!

Belize is ready for weigh in.

The 3 girls are much better as far as socialization goes. Belize cry for attention, and puts her paws on my back when I am not paying attention to her. The twin torties are not quite there, but they loved to be rubbed. Both will purr like mad when I brush or rub them, but they are still afraid initially when I reach for them.

Aruba enjoying the new toy.

The boys are a harder sell. Poor Inspector had antibiotics and Metro to take, so he just closes his eyes and rolls up in a ball when I pick him up. Working on just petting them now, and not even picking them up unless it's for weights. It can be a painfully slow process, but they are all making progress.

Inspector is ready to get in the bowl, unless I want him there!

Other than that, they are doing well, and love to play together. Gadget is quite a bit smaller than the rest, so he tends to get beat up a bit when they play, but he stays in the fray. He likes to snuggle with Jamaica when it's nap time, but always keeps a wary eye on me.

Everyone loves the door for some reason.

Everyone can get up on my desk now, and Aruba poses.

All in all, they are doing well. I will have them for another month, so that should give me enough time to get them all people friendly.