Sunday, April 19, 2009

out of room experience

We let the itty bitties out for a run in the hallway today. They got some face time with Bentley too. He is far more interested in licking all the dregs out of their food bowl than he is in them! They are unafraid of him, which is so funny, because they are all very cautious when they see Buck.

Kelsey in a stare-down with the camera.

Hogan doing his runway model pose.

Halicy after a late night snack.

Dot checking out Bentley with some caution.

Sage gets a big Bentley kiss.

I have been looking for Sierra up on the shelter website, but didn't see her. I spoke to the volunteer coordinator who told me she has developed mastitis, but is on antibiotics, and doing OK. Hopefully, she gets better quickly and goes on view before kittens start to roll in.

The Homies will be 8 weeks old tomorrow! Hard to believe they have been here that long already. They are coming along fine, gaining weight daily. Hogan is the biggest at 2lbs, 3 1/2oz. Next is Kelsey at 2lbs 2 3/4 oz. They others are still under 2lbs, but not by much. Dot is the smallest at 1lb 12oz.