Monday, January 4, 2010

happy new year!

As the new year rolls in, Scooby and Shaggy have rolled on to forever homes. Both are already gone from the shelter website. I will be getting an update this week as to where they ended up, but I am sure they didn't go together. Shaggy was gone from the site first, and Scooby was still there another day before he was gone. I'm sad they didn't go together, but happy they both found homes quickly.

If you didn't know Buddy had a eye infection a month ago, you couldn't tell.

On the home front here, Buddy and Boz are doing great. They are neck and neck as far as weight goes. (Right around 1lb, 12oz.) Buddy's eye is all better, with only a slight amount of cloudiness to it. I am amazed. He is a ruff and tumble sorta guy, who is always happy, and always moving. He will let you hold him if you scratch under his chin, but he loves to romp.

Buddy loves Bishop's new mouse.

Boz is starting to show some kitten playfulness too. He still has good days and bad days, but when he feels good, he romps just as hard as Buddy. They both were making me laugh this morning with their antics. This afternoon, Boz was not feeling great,but he seems pretty good right now. He ate some, and did a little running, trying to get to the door before I closed it! Perhaps a romp in the hallway is in order.
As you can see, it is difficult to get photos, since their favorite place to play is on me!

Bosley leaps over Buddy to his favorite spot. My lap.

A surprise attack is imminent.

Bosley defends the lap!

Boz prepares for the next attack.