Thursday, August 7, 2008

Resident kitties

These two little characters are Ripley, and Bishop. They live here full time, and they sure don't look like this anymore. I don't think I remember Ripley ever being that small, cute and sweet! Bishop is still sweet. Ripley has her moments!
Bishop was Molly's (the Dane) buddy. Bishop is still fearless, even though he never hisses or swats at anyone. He will just walk by any animal like he owns the world.

Ripley came to me by someone that said, " I know you do fostering...I found this cat..."
Well, the rest is history. We got Bishop from the shelter a few weeks later to keep Ripley company. It worked out great. We got Buck the next year, and Bentley after that. Those two are a whole other chapter!

Bishop got some weird ailment a year or so ago. The vet couldn't figure it out. We tried all sorts of things to "fix" him. He was limping, and one front leg actually started to become deformed. We were about to spend a small fortune with a bunch of tests...and my friend Shara who is a chiropractor gave him an adjustment. Within 2 days, he was back to normal! I know, it's crazy, but it worked! 1 adjustment. We think maybe Buck hurt him when they were playing or something. (Buck is much bigger than Bishop.) But now he is fine.

Elephants Blog

Someone told me today my blog was depressing. Perhaps it is. Tonight it got a little more depressing. Robyn took a nose dive. She really went south fast, and I knew it was time. We took her to the shelter and they put her to sleep there. I know we did all we could for her. She mustered up one last purr for Bentley as we were leaving. She really loved that dog.

The 3 we still have here seem to be fine. I spent about an hour with them, playing with their favorite toy, the cat charmer. First though, I let them out to run up and down the hall. They love to run from the bedroom to the bathroom, as fast as they can. When one surprises the other, there is a straight up leap, and both head back in different directions. Sully is really good at "catching air." These photos are a little blurry...the camera focused on the dresser unfortunately, but you get the idea. They love to be out of the kitty room.

Some good signs, some not so good.

Good sign? No vomit this morning. Not so good sign? Didn't eat much this morning. Good sign? No bloody stool. Not so good sign? 3 drips of liquid poop. Good sign? Said stool was more brown than red. You get the picture. Robyn is holding her own, but she is lonesome for her foster siblings. I am keeping her separate from them, so she doesn't pass on to them what she has. She misses them. When she hears them mewing , she looks for them. I let Bentley fill in for them. She adores him. Rubs all over him. When I am here, I try to keep her close to me, but she really wants to be with her animal family more.

I wonder if I am doing the right thing. I keep hoping I will know the time when I should make that decision no one wants to make. Right now I think we are doing the right thing. Robyn is a fighter, and she loves attention. I will be giving it to her as long as possible.