Monday, August 3, 2009

back with the crew

Got back Sunday afternoon to some pretty goopy eyes at itty bitty central. I was a little freaked out at first, because it must have been nap time when I got here, and everyone was pretty chill. I looked at both Justine and Jessica, and they each had one goopy eye, but both John Cougar and Mowgli had 2 each! I cleaned them all up, and gave them all a squirt of eye medicine, and everyone with a snotty nose got a squirt of saline nose spray. Needless to say, I was not extremely popular. By Sunday evening, everyone was playing as hard as ever.

Everyone is much better today, and only Jessica got a little eye medication, just in one eye. She was a tad blinky, but I think tomorrow even that will be resolved. Everyone is gaining weight, and eating, drinking and doing their kitty things, which means playing, kitty smackdown and catzilla!

Sport gets a big smackdown on Diego.

Jessica Catzillas Justine...

Justine pays her back!

Johnny Cougar is over 3lbs as of today, and Mowgli, Justine and Jessica are all over 2 1/2lbs. I think Sport is too. Just leaves Dora and Diego to get to weight. I do think that these guys are actually 3 different litters. Sport and Mowgli are much bigger than Dora and Diego. Not that it matters. I will keep them all until the little 'uns make weight. That will give me more time with Jessica and Johnny, to get them a bit more socialized.

Johnny Cougar on the "bucket."

Mowgli takes one of his seldom seen breaks. He is a bit of a spaz.

Sport takes a flying leap over Dora for the string toy.

Jessica gets her turn with the string.

Justine checks things out from up high.