Wednesday, February 17, 2010

fluoroscopy date set

Well, the date has been set. Boz gets his scope tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:00 am. It's a little scary. What if they see nothing? What if they see something, but can't do anything about it? What if he aspirates? Ugh. I just have to think about good outcomes!

Boz looks shocked that he has a full belly!

Boz has had 2 pretty good days, after a couple of bad ones. I just KNOW he has days where nothing is getting to his stomach. For the days he can't get anything into his belly, he eats a little bit, then throws it up. It's hard to watch, because he is hungry, and wants to eat, but it can't get to his stomach. When it is getting through, he can eat a lot more, and his belly fills up. It is fat and tight tonight. That makes me happy, but I worry they won't see anything when they do the fluoroscopy tomorrow if he stays "open."

Bosley stretches out in the sun while Bentley gives him a sniff.

In the mean time, he is busy digesting. He ate and ate and ate, and has been all sleepy today. He ate when I fed him around 2:00 and spent the next hour in my face, rubbing all over me and purring. If that doesn't put a smile on my face, I don't know what does!

Full belly at the heated bed!

Check out the tail!

So, fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Bentley is crossing all his paws!

I just heard crunching in the kitchen. I went in, and there was Bosley, eating crunchies! Not just that, but he got up on the counter by himself! I guess he jumped up on the stool first. Full belly, and still wants more. That's my boy.