Friday, May 22, 2009

workers working it

I am quickly becoming enamored with the workers. They all have such different personalities, but they are all very active, if a bit wobbly still.

The one who most likes to be held is Michael. He purrs and purrs when you pick him up and scratch his head. When I put him down, he wants to climb right back up. His climbing skills are still not up to snuff, but he tries! He is always the first to come running.

Mikey hangs out in the hammock

Mikey hangs out in the carrier

Mikey climbs back up for more attention

Pam likes attention, but not so much to be held. I think she is too ADD for that. She wiggles and squirms to get down, but will purr when you stroke and scratch her while her feet are on the ground. She is very brave, attacking any toy, or fluff that might move, or toes that might wiggle! (Note to self...always wear socks!)

Pam slurps down her gruel, a combo of canned food, and milk replacement

Pam waits in the litter box for the next innocent bystander to stroll by

Pam tries to engage Jim in a little smackdown

Pam takes a breather between rounds

Dwight is the littlest guy. He will stand to be held, but doesn't seem all that happy about it. I haven't heard a purr yet, but he doesn't mind any one to one attention either.

Dwight tries to help Mikey out with his weight

Dwight didn't take long to figure out the equipment

Dwight has Jim on the ropes in this smackdown

Jim is the biggest of the itty bitties. He is also the most skittish. He is a bit timid, but no hissing. He hates to be held,but is getting better about getting scratched when he has all 4 feet on the ground. He needs a bit more intense therapy.

Jim extracts himself from under the cart

Jim watches this smackdown from the "ropes"

Jim needs a face wash

You can see where the shelter put different colors of paint on top of the boys heads. I guess they couldn't tell them apart, but it's really not needed. They all look different. Dwight has only a sliver of white on his face, and Jim has all black on his back, while Michael (Mikey) has a lot of white on his back. After a few returns to this blog, you will really be able to tell the difference.
: )