Sunday, March 1, 2009

time to see the world

We have some eyes opening! 5 various stages of eyes going on now. They are all growing like weeds, all over 6 1/2 oz, and one at 7 1/2!

Sierra is a very good mother, very attentive. She is a sweet cat, and I am sure she will be adopted right away once she goes on view.

I have given a few of the babies names! They are posted below their photos. I have named 3 of them after former teammates of mine from the Divas. The skinny, scrappy one who doesn't look too tough, but doesn't take any business from her siblings is Kelsey, named after Emerine Kelsey, former Defensive End. The one with the orange blaze oh her head is Halicy, after Melissa Hailcy, best friend of Emerine, and former linebacker. The darkest kitten, and I think the only boy, well, his name is Hogan, after Claudia Hogan. If you know any of these guys, you get it. If not, just know that these little guys are named appropriately.



We have been calling this one "Dot" because of the little dot of black on her nose.