Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome the Wedding Crashers

The Whoos have moved on, and the Wedding Crashers have moved in. The boys are in their tuxedos, and the girls are dressed to party.

Meet Jake. He is the boy with the rakish good looks. All style, and cute and cuddly. Jake likes to be close, loves cuddling and has a great purrr. Sure to capture your heart, and the heart of prospective adopters.

Meet Billy. Billy is a little more laid back than Jake. He has that tie loosened, hair tousled, and sleeves rolled up kinda look, and he is packed with personality just like Jake. He's a lover, and will make a great family member.


Jake & Billy

Meet Lilly. Lilly loves to be in your lap, or in your arms. She likes being close, but she is not needy. She can hold her own with the boys, but would rather be snuggling.


Meet Katie. Katie seems to be quite the alpha of this group. She is more a loner, preferring to sleep by herself on a shelf, while her sibblings snuggle together for a nap. She is very playful, and like the others, loves attention and purrs loudly when you speak to her.

Katie snoozing

Billy & Lilly
Katie & Jake
This group of partiers won't be here very long, as they are close to weight already, but they are sweet, and love attention. Hopefully, they will have an uneventful time here.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

saying good-bye to the whoos

The Whoos are going back tomorrow! Yes, they are all well past weight, and reasonably healthy. Sergeant and Martha May are sneezy, but no temps, and plenty of appetite, so I am not worried about them. Dosing daily with Lysine.

They are all very sweet, and will not be happy to be in a small cage. They have had the run of the house off and on for the last week. They cry and cry when they are stuck in the office. They do spend nights in there, and as soon as they hear me get up in the morning, the crying begins! Of course, they will be snatched up right away, as cute as they are.

Mayor Augustus Mayhew
Mayor Augustus Mayhew is the real noise maker. He has a very high pitched cry, and he is relentless! He will cry for an hour if he knows you are up there. Speaking of crying, Sergeant doesn't only look like a siamese, he talks like one too. Well, not the talking per say, but the tone is siamese. No one else has it except him.

Martha May and Sergeant
So, off go the Whoos, and in come...someone. I am picking up 4 more when I drop theses guys off. Hopefully I will get back to blogging more regularly. We are having a basement renovation now, and I have been really busy with work, and throw the holidays in there and my time has been stretched pretty thin.
Betty Lou Whoo

On another note, there is a dog at the AWLA who is going to have to have a leg amputated. Huge step for the shelter, as this is not going to be a cheap surgery. If you want to help Cannoli with her surgery cost, please write a check to the AWLA, and make the memo to Cannoli's surgery. She needs all the help she can get, and the new executive director at the AWLA can use the props for doing the right thing by her!
(You can find the information for mailing on the website,

Friday, November 19, 2010

growing and going

I have been quite the slacker when it comes to blogging. I seem to have no time or energy lately!

Betty Lou Who stretches out
Things have been fairly smooth with this litter, with the exception of Mayor Augustus Mayhew who got a little upper respiratory infection last week, and had to take a trip to the vet. He has been on antibiotics for a week and a half, and seems to be symptom free now.

URIs mean AD. Mayor Augustus Mayhew can't  even wait until it's in the bowl
Everyone is at least 2 pounds now, and they are all going to be spending Thanksgiving at another fosters home, since I am heading to my parents house for Thanksgiving. They are all so close to weight, I may not be getting them back when I get home.
Betty Lou Who says "Boo"

The Who's have been fun, but I have to say, it has been difficult working with them in my office. As they got older they loved to climb and trust me, that only escalates as they get older. I was working downstairs on my laptop the other day, and was sharing the screen with the office computer. I was proofing an e-mail I was about to send out, and all of a sudden, I saw ccccccccccc////////////jjjjjjj[[[[[[[[[[[[[[. I realized someone was on my desk, walking across my keyboard!

Sleeping on the back up drive
This is Mayor Augustus loves to lay in my plastic paper rack. He does this because my little back-up drive lives there, and it's really warm! He is so freaking' cute. They all are, but since he was sick, we had some bonding moments and so he and I are tighter than the others.

Sargent Who-lihand
Martha May Whovier is a lap cat
They are all going to be scooped up as soon as they go on view. Speaking of being on view, I checked on the website this morning, and I didn't see Cindy Lou Who, so I hope that means she was adopted! I will check next week about that.

The 3 light colored kittens did indeed keep their blue eyes. Martha Mae looks like she will have grey-green eyes. Too bad not the intense green eyes of Cindy Lou.

The resident cats are hanging in there. Living with little ones can be exhausting, and as you can see, Buck is terribly worn out.

Buck has it rough
He and Bosley have to scrounge for food, and fight the babies for attention. They even have to share a lap on occasion. Truly a hardship for them.

Buck and Bosley have to share a lap
Bosley looking for dinner

 Hopefully these guys will be in new homes by Christmas, enjoying free reign in their forever homes, and Bosley and Buck can rule the roost once again. At least until spring!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

mama Who is going back!

Yes, Cindy Lou Who is went back to the shelter Monday. The babies are pretty much weaned, and she is anxious to be away from them. The other night I left the door to the kitty room open, with the big framed print in the doorway so she could get out, but the kittens could not (and Bentley couldn't get in). She ended in bed with me! Buck was not pleased! She didn't stay long, but she came back twice. She is gonna make someone a great cat!

In the mean time, the little Whos are growing. They will all got their shots this week too. They are all beautiful kittens, although not as friendly as some I have fostered. They're getting there, but I need to spend a little more time on Martha May Whovier. She is still pretty timid.

They are all happy to crawl on me and climb on my desk while I work. Almost every morning when I enter the kitty room, they are all 4 jammed on my chair, asleep in a pile. I think Cindy Lou had a hard time finding a place to get away from them. I rarely saw her let them nurse at all anymore, so I doubt they are missing her.

These little ones are some of the prettiest kittens I have fostered, and I need to get some more really good photos of them. I have been in catch up mode for a couple of weeks, so I plan to get some good quality photos this week. I think these guys are calendar worthy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

blue eyes

 Looks like the little light colored Whos will be keeping their blue eyes.  Martha May Whovier will most likely have green eyes like her mama, but the others will have siamese blue eyes. They will be scooped up as soon as they go on view.
To the top!
Head on a platter?

They are all very active now, and really into exploring. (i.e, making a mess!) They love the little scratching pole, and mastered climbing it early on.
Bishop claims HIS bucket
Who, me?

Bosley finally discovered that he liked the "bucket" on the kitty condo. Bishop spent an hour or 2 ticked off that Bosley was in "his" bucket. He finally decided to take it back. He was nice enough to share. We actually had to get a condo with 2 of them, because even if Bishop was in the bucket, Buck would lay on top of him. I would hear Bishop almost gaging, as Buck would pin his neck on the rim! At 15 pounds, Buck is a big boy! Now there are 2, and peace reigns again.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

roamin' the office

Martha May crashes in the crinkle hut.
The Whos are all out and about these days. They have found the crinkle hut, and they LOVE it. Even Cindy Lou likes to sleep in there.

Cindy Lou is officially done with the "potty training" and the little ones are using the litter box on their own. I cleaned the office a bit today, and found a couple of wet spots, so I put each one of them in the box, one at a time. Martha May used it to poop and pee! Hurray! Sargent Who-lihand used the scale bowl. Oh well, there are worse things. ;)

Tickle fight!
Everyone is growing, and Cindy Lou won't let them nurse as often now, so they are eating solids pretty well. It's nice to have a mama to help with weaning. They still try to overwhelm her to nurse. She has more resistance power than I do when a bottle is involved. ;)

Mayor Augustus climbs the post.
Sargent Who-li-hoop?

Martha May fights back.

Frankenkitty-Just in time for Halloween.

Pile on.

Friday, October 8, 2010

quick happy post

Gadget got adopted! All I know is he was adopted, and is an only cat in this home. Hurray for Gadget!

More pix of the Whos tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

heading out of the nest

Big first steps out
The Who's are starting to explore! They don't go far, but they are starting to venture out. They are also interested in what Cindy Lou is eating.

They do have teeth, and they know how to use 'em! They bite the crap out of each other! They squeal all the time, and I turn around and they are biting each other. I can't remember a litter that made this much noise, and that fought so much. They are either a tough bunch, or a bunch or cry-babies. I haven't decided yet.

Sargent Who-lihand checks out the food bowl
One thing I did find interesting. Most times when I get a reflection in cats eyes from the camera flash, I can't fix it with the normal photoshop red eye tool, because they aren't red, they are green. These guys all have red eyes in the flash....except for Martha May, the tabby. I wonder if that means they will have blue eyes? I think they will.

Smack down
More  Stooges action

I checked the shelter's website, and Gadget is no longer listed. I haven't heard back from them, but I sure hope that means he was adopted, and not in sick bay.

Martha May Whovier

Mayor Augustus
Chow time!
Nap time.

Friday, October 1, 2010

cuteness prevails

Only room for 2! Take a number.
Cindy Lou and the Who's are doing well. Babies are all growing, and Cindy Lou is being a very good mama. The babies are growing so fast, they pretty much can't all eat at the same time. Cindy Lou is so little!

Both the boys (Sargent Who-lihand, and Mayor Augustus Maywho) love to fight! It's really funny to watch, since they are so young, and uncoordinated. One of them is a squealer...I think Augustus. And Sargent Who-lihand is a biter. They are always at it.

Sargent Who-lihand and Betty Lou Who
I went to the shelter and saw Gadget. He looks good. Seems to be less shy, and they have him with another kitten, who looks an awful lot like Bosley! She even had some of Bosley's mannerisms. I think Gadget will be fine, but there are a LOT of tabby's there right now. I hope someone sees him and falls in love with him, and maybe they will adopt his new friend too.

In the meantime, we will just keep doing what we do, loving these babies, and of course Cindy Lou.

A little 3 Stooges action

Mama attack!

I suspect it won't be long before these babies start to tumble out of their little box, and will be wreaking havoc all over my office. THEN we will have some good photos.

Monday, September 27, 2010

growin' up

The Who's are growin' like weeds. They look huge compared to Cindy Lou Who, who is pretty small. I have a feeling they are gonna be way bigger than their mama.
Everyone belly up to the bar. Or is that bar up to the belly?

They are fighting over "belly time" and squawk and squeal to get a nipple! Everyone is growing, so I guess they are all getting enough time in at "the bar".

Yo! Bartender!

It's nice to have a mama cat around. Makes my life much easier. All I need to do right now is feed Cindy Lou, and scoop her box every day. Easy! The goopy eye seems to be going away, and life is easy...but it won't be long before they are all running around my office. Then the fun begins.

Checked on Gadget today. I was told he got a bit of a URI shortly after he arrived, but he is doing fine now, and on view. Might have to go see him this week, and meet the new Executive Director. I hear he is going to do great things there. I hope so.