Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little Un's launch...cougars still countdown

The Little 'Uns went back to the shelter today. Everyone was up to weight, and the sneezy goopy eyes all cleared up. The Cougars made the trip too, but they were still sneezy,and John Cougar was pretty messy with runny eyes and nose, so I brought them home instead of them going straight to isolation. They seems fine now, which figures, but they still need a bit more socialization, so it's just as well.

Mowgli looks sleek and not too much like the skinny little guy he was when he got here. He is a spaz, but loves to be snuggled. Sport was cute, but held back his personality for a week or so, but now is quite the personable guy, and loves to shoulder sit. Dora is a sweet girl, who will leap across the floor from the kitty condo to your shoulder to get some attention. And then there's Diego. I spent a lot of time with him, since he was sick. He is a spoiled little guy, who will crawl over all the others to get attention. He is the bravest of this bunch, was the first to charge the door to run out of the kitty room, and ventured downstairs multiple times. The funniest thing he does is when he drinks, he puts his paw in the water bowl. It is pretty cute to see. When I took him to the shelter, I was telling the volunteer coordinator about it, and sure enough, as soon as she put water in their cage, he stepped in it to get a drink.

I am sure the cougars will be ready to go next week. They should be done with the goopy eyes, and sneezing, and I will have had some good one on three time to get them more socialized.