Saturday, March 28, 2009

5 weeks monday

The Homies are all growing like weeds. I know, I haven't blogged since the 24th, but things have been hectic for me. I spent a good amount of time in the kitty room today, twice, just to make up for lost time!

It does make me laugh, when kittens get tired. The just plop down where they are, and sleep. These guys are a little older than that, but when sleep comes over them, their eyelids get heavy, and they look for a place to crash. Kelsey was the first one to go tonight. She went right for the bed when she got sleepy. She has scared me twice, she sleeps so hard. I have felt it necessary to give her a nudge 2 times to make sure she was alright!

After Kelsey, Hogan hit the bed. He sat up for a while, but crashed soon enough. Then it was Halicy, who nursed for a while, but when Mama got up, she made a beeline over to Kelsey, and snuggled up close to her.

Dot was nursing too, and climbed onto my leg after this picture, but I put her in with the others. Only took seconds for her to crash. Sage was the last one to fall. She was determined to get to mama for a bedtime snack first.

Sage isn't ready for bed just yet.