Friday, March 13, 2009

return of the white dots

The white dots are back. If you are new to this blog, you probably have no idea what I am talking about. If you foster kittens, you know all too well. The tiny splatter of Panacure. All kittens go through at least one regiment of Panacure, which is a dewormer. It is a white chalky liquid substance, and the kittens do NOT like it.

All seems well with the Homesteaders.

The vile white stuff.

Everyone got a dose today, and everyone spit as much of it out as they could. I ended up wearing a lot of it. My desk got some when I gave the Rockets theirs. The floor got some when Sierra and crew got theirs. All part of the process. Sierra's bunch, I am calling them the homesteaders, since they will be here a long time, seem to probably not need it, but the Rockets both have distended bellies, so they probably do have worms. Hopefully, the Panacure will do it's job.

The Rockets get a good nap in.

Evidentially there isn't enough room IN the basket for Caddo.

The Bottle Rockets went to the vet today, to see if we can get an idea why Caddo is peeing all over the place. They took a sample, and will let me know what they find. The trauma of the trip must have really wiped the boys out. They have been sleeping all afternoon, waking up to have a meal, and off to sleep again. Then the next trauma of the Panacure. Whew, what a day for the poor little guys!

Both Rockets, out of fuel.

Arnie is sleepy, so Caddo takes advantage...

Arnie retaliates...

and goes for the jugular!

In the other room, Sierra and her itty bitties seem to be doing fine. They also were not pleased with the Panacure sneak attach.
I know, I take more pictures of the Rockets now, but they are living in my office, and my camera is right next to me, waiting for that too cute to miss photo op. More pictures of the homesteaders tomorrow.

I think I will go wash off my shirt.