Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bound to happen

We now have at least one kitten with very loose stool, streaked with blood. They have all been on Albon, although it was some time ago. I think I am going to put them back on it for at least a week, and see how they do. If we still have messy poop, I will schlep them all to the vet.

They are all gaining weight, so I am not too concerned. I have been seeing signs of this coming. Today I caught the culprit. Greer. I an still very thankful they all are great with the litter box, and even when there is nasty poop, they seem aware of it, and don't step in it and fling it off their little feet and onto the wall with the force of a gunshot.

Mama is still a little shy, so I will let her come hang out with me in the office for a while. The itty bitties are pretty good about staying close when I let them out. They like to climb on my pants legs while I am at my desk working, and check out all the boxes and stuff, while Buck watches from the hallway. Perhaps I need to move the food and litter bags from the hallway.