Monday, May 14, 2012

Alien Invasion!

I am calling this litter of kittens the Aliens. Seems like every photo I have taken they look like little aliens. Seriously, look at these photos!
Don't look into her eyes! Kanya will give you a mind meld and you will adopt her!

She is drawing you in! Careful!

Look into my eyes....


Jessica is moving through a time continuum

She will NOT be ignored!

"Oh, I am still watching....Bwahahahahaha!

I got the info on these guys. Here's their stories:

Jessica was found as a single kitten. We know there are others, but she fell in a hole so we took her in (that's where she got her name- after the little girl that fell in the well a few years ago). Her mom is not feral and there are other siblings out there somewhere. They're too young to be enticed into a trap with food though. Jolie and Kanya were living with a citizen for about a week before they came to us. The person said they were bottle feeding them. I believe they were originally found in Prince William. Their sister, Leela, is half their size, was shaking all day yesterday, and hadn't had any elimination in at least a day. She was severely dehydrated and required sub-q fluids, oral fluids and constant care. When I first looked at them, her temp was so low it wouldn’t register on any of our thermometers. I finally got it up to 98.4, but that's still WAY too low. She's doing better now- we're taking baby steps towards being healthy, but she's not out of the woods yet. She's still very tiny, thin and dehydrated-even with fluids. 

If you're wondering about the other names, I named them all after a word that means "pretty" or "beautiful" in another language. Jolie is French and Kanya means "beautiful ebony" in an African language. 

Tiny little Leela. She has yet to master her alien powers
Today, I took Jolie in to see the vet at the shelter, because she had been having very soft unformed poop, and wasn't gaining weight. I figured a round of Metronidazole would do the trick, so in we went this afternoon. The foster coordinator asked me if Leela could come back with her sisters today, since she was ready to be back in the fold. Of course I said yes. What's one more, right? It seems that another single had come in since they asked me to take Leela, so I took her too. (All of those keeping count, that makes 5)

I left with my carrier, 3 kittens, medicine, a bag of ringers, butterflies, and no paperwork! I don't even know the name of the new girl, but she seems really healthy. Someone that lives near the shelter brought her in today.

OK, she is more like Cartman than an alien, but hey, there was an episode of southpark where Cartman got an anal probe...
So, I MAY be taking these guys back after my trip this weekend. They are really swamped with kittens there, and I feel like they really need the help. Oh yeah, and I am a sucker.