Tuesday, November 24, 2009

angels...short here and long gone!

The Angels go back to the shelter tomorrow. They have turned out to be 3 of the sweetest kittens we have ever fostered. I know Bosley will miss Dylan. She liked to clean the excess KMR off of his face after meals. They are going to be snatched up willy nilly. Dylan and Sabrina are such lookers, with those long coats, and Alex has the softest fur, one touch and you will be smitten. And she loves the attention.

Alex Chillin'

Dylan looks almost innocent.

Sabrina in mid-yawn is a bit frightening.

A more sedate looking Sabrina.

Alex and Sabrina play with the fleecy string.

The Orange boys AKA the Screamers, will be handed off to another foster home for the holiday weekend. They are fat and happy, and more importantly, healthy. They eat whenever they get the chance, and they love to be held. I betcha the temporary fosters will not want to give them back! Unless Scooby does his screaming non stop! He can really get loud. But they are snuggle bunnies, which is great, as long as you wipe the cat food off the faces first! I had to give Shaggy another bath...not that you can even tell. Look below, and you can see why it doesn't last.

Hard to tell where Shaggy ends, and the food begins.

Scooby is also in need of another bath.

Shaggy plays peek a boo.

What about Bosley you ask? Well, I have been given permission to take Bosley with me to my parents house for Thanksgiving. I just didn't think it was a good idea to hand him off to someone else while he was so fragile. I went to the vet yesterday to pick up more of the nausea medicine, and spoke to the doctor for a while. He also gave me 3 doses of penicillin injections, to see if that would help at all. They only had one tiny vial of the nausea meds, so I was really hoping we could make it through the whole weekend. Lo and behold, he has only had one dose, and that was early this morning. I have not seen any vomit (not that he couldn't have been leaving it in the litterbox, I caught him doing that Monday) but...drum roll...He is at 1lb, 1 oz! And that's not all...watch the videos below, and see how far the little guy has come. Keep your fingers crossed that he continues down this path! I was beginning to wonder if I was torturing him. I even mentioned that to the vet, and he assured me that I was not, and that we would get him through this. : )

Bosley stalks an invisible phantom.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!