Monday, December 28, 2009

snow is gone...and so are Scooby and Shaggy!

Yep, a week ago, there was close to 20 inches of snow on the ground, and now, there is nothing left but a few small piles the plows left. I still can't believe it!

Scooby is all business with his ball.

Whatever Scooby has set his sights on better run!

Also hard to believe Shaggy and Scooby are gone. They both made weight, and went back to the shelter for Spay Day tomorrow. They both got to have some great play time running the hall, and playing in the tub this week. Both are adorable, and I don't expect them to hang around the shelter long. I think a friend of a friend is interested, and I let her know she best be on her toes, 'cause as soon as they go on view, they will be snatched up!

Shaggy looks worn out from a hallway romp.

Shaggy looks out from his condo perch.

Buddy's eye is looking great! Just a little hazy now.

Buddy also takes ball play very seriously.

As you can see, Elf's eye is almost completely healed. I can't believe how great it looks compared to how it looked when he first came here to heal, and be socialized. He was also a bit of a scaredy cat, and didn't like to be held. Now he hops into my lap same as the rest of them. He is quick to purr too, and loves to play. He started to venture out with the older boys into the hallway, but never goes too far away from the door of the "safe room." Oh yeah, and we decided to call him Buddy, after Will Ferrell's character in the movie Elf.

Big age difference, but not a big size difference.

Boz looking innocent.

We have had a breakthrough with Boz. He actually has gained weight, and is up to 1lb, 10.5oz! (Buddy is already at 1lb, 9oz!) The stomach chi he has been on seems to really be working. He did vomit today, but I had only given him one dose of the herbs. I dosed him a few more times this evening, and he is eating again with gusto, and seems to be happy. I was really about out of answers for Boz, so I am very excited about his progress. If you ever have "issues" with your cats, I highly recommend checking out this website, or contacting them by phone. They are extremely helpful.

The biggest issue I think I am gonna have with Bosley now is that I have spoiled him so much, he may just be rotten forever! I guess there are worse things. ; )