Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome the Wedding Crashers

The Whoos have moved on, and the Wedding Crashers have moved in. The boys are in their tuxedos, and the girls are dressed to party.

Meet Jake. He is the boy with the rakish good looks. All style, and cute and cuddly. Jake likes to be close, loves cuddling and has a great purrr. Sure to capture your heart, and the heart of prospective adopters.

Meet Billy. Billy is a little more laid back than Jake. He has that tie loosened, hair tousled, and sleeves rolled up kinda look, and he is packed with personality just like Jake. He's a lover, and will make a great family member.


Jake & Billy

Meet Lilly. Lilly loves to be in your lap, or in your arms. She likes being close, but she is not needy. She can hold her own with the boys, but would rather be snuggling.


Meet Katie. Katie seems to be quite the alpha of this group. She is more a loner, preferring to sleep by herself on a shelf, while her sibblings snuggle together for a nap. She is very playful, and like the others, loves attention and purrs loudly when you speak to her.

Katie snoozing

Billy & Lilly
Katie & Jake
This group of partiers won't be here very long, as they are close to weight already, but they are sweet, and love attention. Hopefully, they will have an uneventful time here.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

saying good-bye to the whoos

The Whoos are going back tomorrow! Yes, they are all well past weight, and reasonably healthy. Sergeant and Martha May are sneezy, but no temps, and plenty of appetite, so I am not worried about them. Dosing daily with Lysine.

They are all very sweet, and will not be happy to be in a small cage. They have had the run of the house off and on for the last week. They cry and cry when they are stuck in the office. They do spend nights in there, and as soon as they hear me get up in the morning, the crying begins! Of course, they will be snatched up right away, as cute as they are.

Mayor Augustus Mayhew
Mayor Augustus Mayhew is the real noise maker. He has a very high pitched cry, and he is relentless! He will cry for an hour if he knows you are up there. Speaking of crying, Sergeant doesn't only look like a siamese, he talks like one too. Well, not the talking per say, but the tone is siamese. No one else has it except him.

Martha May and Sergeant
So, off go the Whoos, and in come...someone. I am picking up 4 more when I drop theses guys off. Hopefully I will get back to blogging more regularly. We are having a basement renovation now, and I have been really busy with work, and throw the holidays in there and my time has been stretched pretty thin.
Betty Lou Whoo

On another note, there is a dog at the AWLA who is going to have to have a leg amputated. Huge step for the shelter, as this is not going to be a cheap surgery. If you want to help Cannoli with her surgery cost, please write a check to the AWLA, and make the memo to Cannoli's surgery. She needs all the help she can get, and the new executive director at the AWLA can use the props for doing the right thing by her!
(You can find the information for mailing on the website,