Monday, November 30, 2009

poop storm

Well, Bosley had a great Thanksgiving. He was pampered, played with and did quite well. My niece is interested in adopting him too! He is now at 1lb, 3.5 oz. Amazing. Most of that was gained AFTER we got home!

Before we left, our 3 cats all had liquid diarrhea, and one was vomiting. I got them in Wednesday afternoon, and they were put on Metro, and some great probiotics. Buck had been on them before, but a different brand, and he wouldn't touch it. This was from a different vet, and all 3 of them loved it. Bosley is still all about the bottle, and I have been very hesitant to stop it, as he really couldn't afford any back sliding. I only had to give him 2 or 3 shots for the nausea while we were away, but I thought, what the heck. I dumped half a packet of the probiotic in his bottle. He guzzled it down like there was no tomorrow. No shots since. This morning, I added some probiotics to the Screamers food, and I looked over and Bosley was eating it too! Shocker! He loves the probiotic. It must be good. My cat Buck loves it too, and if I leave the empty packet out after adding it to food, he will grab it and run!

Boz prepares to attack.

Scooby says "Feed me!"

Is it just me, or does Shaggy always look startled?

The Screamers went away to "camp" with semi formed stools, but nothing alarming. When I picked them up, I was told they were having issues, and one had some blood in his stool. Before I got home, there was poop all in the carrier. Scooby was screaming, and so was Shaggy. I was shocked. I think I know what happened. When Scooby screamed, he got fed. I think in 4 days, they ate half a case of big food cans! I will admit, when he wants to eat (anytime you enter the room) he screams like someone is standing on him! But this was really bad. It was like a faucet of poop, with no handle to turn it off! I got them home, hit them with Metro, and gave them both a bath, which was not apparent an hour later. They were a mess, and their little rear ends were red and angry. I just didn't have the heart to take pictures of them like that.

After 3 doses of Metro, and NO canned food for a day, they are not dripping any longer, and are able to make it to the box without incident. Stools are still loose, and hind quarters are still red and they obviously hurt, but antibiotic ointment 3 or 4 times a day is helping. They got another bath Monday night, and they were so sweet. They were so nasty before, no one wanted to cuddle them, so when I held them each for 20 minutes or so drying them off, they were so happy. They were soft and fuzzy, and aside from the sore rears, felt so much better. We will keep giving Metro for another 3 or 4 days, and see how it goes. Tonight, although the hind quarters are still a little messy, and red, they managed to have a good "play time" with each other, and Bosley.

Orange kitten smackdown.

Scooby sneaks up for a blind side attack on Bosley...

...And then Bosley gives Scooby a dose of payback.

The Angels are on view. I was hoping they would be adopted this weekend, but I guess that was wishful thinking. I am pretty sure they won't have to stay at the shelter too long, because they are beautiful,and have great laid back personalities.