Friday, July 16, 2010

meet the Hissy Fits!

It has finally happened. I have my first fosters of the year. (In July??)

I got 3 very feral little girls. They are going to be hard cases. Picked them up yesterday afternoon, and they are showing no signs of wanting to be friendly yet. I have pick up and held them all, and I think they will settle down eventually. They have to live in my office, so I will be in there with them plenty.

Meet the girls. Belize, Jamaica and Aruba.

For now, they hide. They are coming out a little. The lure of play is strong. They are eating, but I did have to clean up a mess today. Someone mistook the basket of toys for the litter box. :/

Bosley is dealing...he seems a little afraid of them, since he was watching when we got a very intense hissy show. He still wants to be in the office with me though. There will be an adjustment period, for sure. And to make it even better, they have 3 doses of Panacure left to go. That will really endear me to them.

I wasn't sure they had not found some way to escape this morning. I could not find them. I looked in every nook and cranny...or so I thought. Then, I was at my desk, and I saw the littlest one (Aruba) make a run! She came from back in the corner, from a shelving unit, or under the wooden chest (although I had already looked there!). She was scared, but ran past me to the left underside of my desk. This is where she gave her sisters away. I sat on the floor and watched her climb up the back side of the file drawer! I pulled it out, and sure enough, there they all were!

Hidey Hole found!

Hopefully, I will be able to find them from now on. :)