Sunday, August 10, 2008

lazy days

Things are quiet here. Sullivan's eye cleared up with one treatment. Natalie is gaining weight, Reuben has settled down nicely.

Natalie is really turning into a love bug. She rubs up on anything close by when you talk to her. She is much smaller than the boys, but twice as active. She has more energy than something that small should have! Both boys are big enough to go back to the shelter, but Natalie is about 5 oz too small. They can't be put on view until they are spayed/neutered, and they can't have the surgery until they are 2lbs, 8 oz. So, I am thinking next week Natalie may be ready. Hopefully I can get the stools firmed up by then, and they can all go back to be adopted. They are all very sweet, and cute, so they should find homes fast.