Wednesday, July 23, 2008

spoke too soon...

I don't know why I ever say all is well. This evening, Noah is very lethargic., not eating. Looks dehydrated. Gums are white. I gave him 9ML of subq fluids, and he did make a small effort to pick at some food. There was two very loose cow in a bed, and one on the floor. What do you bet they were Noah?

I hope the fluids make a difference, and he is doing better tomorrow morning. I will give him more fluids in the AM, and hope it helps. Man, I hate having sick kitties. Hopefully, I caught this soon enough.

the finish line!

Well, as of this morning, Sully has made weight! He is over 2 and a half pounds. I was shocked to see that my little piglet Robyn is over 2 lbs! She is such a little porker. At least the pooping has subsided. No more drippage!

We are all still on an antibiotic, but it is doing it's job, and everyone seems pretty healthy. When they are healthy, the elephants do frolic.

I will add some photos later tonight.