Saturday, October 9, 2010

roamin' the office

Martha May crashes in the crinkle hut.
The Whos are all out and about these days. They have found the crinkle hut, and they LOVE it. Even Cindy Lou likes to sleep in there.

Cindy Lou is officially done with the "potty training" and the little ones are using the litter box on their own. I cleaned the office a bit today, and found a couple of wet spots, so I put each one of them in the box, one at a time. Martha May used it to poop and pee! Hurray! Sargent Who-lihand used the scale bowl. Oh well, there are worse things. ;)

Tickle fight!
Everyone is growing, and Cindy Lou won't let them nurse as often now, so they are eating solids pretty well. It's nice to have a mama to help with weaning. They still try to overwhelm her to nurse. She has more resistance power than I do when a bottle is involved. ;)

Mayor Augustus climbs the post.
Sargent Who-li-hoop?

Martha May fights back.

Frankenkitty-Just in time for Halloween.

Pile on.