Friday, April 27, 2012

Pancito has been doing a fine job of making himself at home. He and Bentley play together well, and after a couple of "encounters" with Ripley, he pretty much ignores the cats.

Speaking of cats, we did get a request from the shelter to see if we could take 3 bottle babies last week. I had to turn them down. I have my hands full with a new puppy, and I couldn't devote enough time to bottle babies. I am working outside the house half days, (8-1, with 30 minute drive times both ways) so I could not do a mid morning feeding. I am hoping the next call will be weaned kittens, so I can take them, and I hope Pancito is a little older when I get that call!

In this photo, Buck is checking out the collars and leashes we got to send to Mexico. Believe it or not, has them for $1 each! This is a variety of sizes, and they really look pretty sturdy for $1. My friend Evi, who got me into this whole new puppy thing ;) is going down in a month or so, and will be taking any donations anyone wants to make. They have so little down there, and can use anything, even used items that are in decent shape.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I had forgotten about puppies

It's been a few years since we had a baby Bentley in the house, so I had forgotten that they can be a lot more work than baby kittens! Bentley is so good, it's been a bit of a rude awakening. Well, not too rude, but an awakening none the less.

Pancito at work with me
Pancito has had a couple of accidents. I have not been diligent I guess in making sure he gets out every couple of hours. I have gotten into the habit of taking both he and Bentley for walks at 6 AM. I let them both out in the yard around 6, and they both empty their bladders, and Pancito usually takes care of his other business while he is out there. Then we walk after I shower and get ready for work. Pancito is quite the over achiever, and usually has another while on our walk!

That seems to have helped. I am usually home by 1:30 or 2, and they seem to sleep most of the morning. I brought Pancito with me to work on Tuesday, and he slept under my desk most of the day. I think this is probably what happens most days at home.

Last night, we were out until about 8. When we got home, there was shredded paper all over the floor! It was just a local newspaper, but it was the first destruction we have seen. I hope it was the last. He loves to pull all the toys out of the toy box, so hopefully that's where he will direct his energy from now on.
Emptying of the toy box

In the mean time, I have not heard anything about kittens. I am glad. I may need a little while to get the whole puppy thing down before we go into kittens again!

On another note, I wanted to talk about a great website I found. It's called
They have a HUGE variety of dog and cat food, litter, toys and treats. I ordered a couple of cases of cat food from them, and some dog treats. The dogs loved the treats, and they have the food we normally get from the local pet store. Prices are about the same, but the best part is, if you order $50 or more, the shipping is free! We got our order in 2 days. Seriously, try them out. If you are tired of lugging heavy bags and cans from the pet store, this is a great alternative. Let me know what you think!