Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bye-bye Jessica, hello Twinkie.

Jessica get's one more shoestring chew before she goes.
On Tuesday Jessica went back to the shelter to prepare for her spay on Wednesday. As usual she was full of vim and vigor. They all got to run the hallway before she left, and they had a fine time with Bentley and Pancito. Jessica's favorite game was to run as fast as she could possibly go, jump up in the air in front of Bentley and swat him in the face. It was all great fun since she did not use her claws.

I did manage to catch some video of Bentley and Pancito interacting with Jammie. Oh yeah, and I can't forget Buck! I will try to get it loaded today.

Finally today Jimmy ended up gaining a little bit of weight. Jammie maybe gained half an ounce...not enough but at least they're moving up in the right direction.

I also got a call this afternoon asking me if I could take another kitten...a very skinny little boy who really needs some extra special TLC. His name is Twinkie. He is a beautiful little guy, but really skin and bones. Hopefully we can turn him around.

When I got him home, he had already made quite the mess in his carrier. He can hardly walk he is so weak. I went ahead and gave him 10 cc's of fluids both in the evening, and again this morning. I managed to give him some AD mixed with water and some Nutri-cal. He fights it, but I will syringe feed him all day every few hours. I didn't even bother to weigh him...but he is larger than Jimmy and Jammie, but really, he feels like a rag doll in your hands. He purrs a lot, but I know that is how some cats try to comfort themselves. I will try to spend some time just holding him today, and hope he understands I am trying to help him. When he gets stronger I will try to clean him up, but for now I will just wipe him off with some kitty wipes I found.

Pancito went back for another blood check and although his platelets are up to 52, they still have a ways to go. He will be on the steroid for a while, and they added another medication. We are hoping it works quickly. Another recheck next week.
Pancito hams for the camera while Bentley keeps an eye on Kittahs
Jammie attacking the unknown under the bed
The monster (Jimmy) emerges from under the bed