Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little hellions

Day 2 for this litter went smoothly. All 4 seemed to be doing OK, with the exception of loose stool from Gibby, all seems well. Gibby is still playing, and eating, and the vet did come and get a stool sample from him and mama, so we will just keep an eye on him.

Here, the chirping Gwen chews on the carrier.

The little ones are real Hell raisers. Rowdy would be a good name for any one of them! I sit down, one has latched on to the hem of my shirt, and is pulling like dog playing tug-o-war. Another is sitting in the bowl of the scale, chewing on the edges. The other is on top of the carrier, biting the handle! It is madness! Mama on the other hand, just sits in the corner on her bed, taking it all in.

Gwen plays with a mouse

It didn't take them long to perfect the the door rush either. As soon as they hear it, they all come running. Even Mama gets up and takes a look.

Gibby takes a test run in the scale bowl.

Gibby looks scared.

Greer practices her climbing skills.

Mama doesn't have any milk to speak of. I have been mixing KMR and pouring it in the food bowl, and they all love it, even mama. It is fine for nursing mama's anyway, and she needs to gain some weight. The vet said maybe we should separate her from the babies, because it may be stressing her. I will see how it goes today.