Monday, April 27, 2009

running to the finish line

The itty bitties are rushing to the finish line. They are all growing, eating like little pigs and getting sweeter by the day. I think maybe next week, they should be to weight and off to the shelter to find their forever homes. Kelsey and Hogan are already there. Hogan at a robust 2.10, Kelsey at 2.8. The smallest is now Sage, and she is only at 2.2. Still a ways to go. Hopefully she and Dot will have a surge this week.

They got to run the halls today, and all found themselves in the bathroom. I was laughing out loud watching them. Buck was entertaining them with his fetching of the paperball skills, and they were doing kitten climbing the shower curtain. Humm. I believe we need a little more training.

Kelsey's cuteness knows no bounds.

Kelsey makes a grab for someone's foot.

Hogan checks out Bucks paperball.

Got tried to escape the grip of Halicy.

Bathroom smackdown brought to you buy lifebouy soap.

Sage tries to get Buck's tail.

Sage stretches to get a look in the tub.

She can't see in, so she climbs up to get a better view.