Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More stuff behind that door!

Last night mama cat heard Bishop crying, and she was growling in the room. Gwen heard mama growl, and was on red alert for a moment. I happened to be in there playing with them, and Bishop had his mouse toy and brought it upstairs. Bishop sometimes sounds like he is in pain when he has his toy. He makes quite the piteous mewing with that little toy mouse in his mouth. More than one time we have gotten up in the middle of the night, thinking that Buck is attacking the poor guy, just to find out he is playing with his mouse.

All the residence seem to be doing fine. One of the neighbor kids came over yesterday to play with them. They love company, and proceeded to climb all over her. She seemed to enjoy it. Since her family adopted 2 from the first litter we fostered 3 years ago, I couldn't even try to push another one off on them.

These guys might be nondescript to look at them, but they have enormous personalities. Look at all the Catzilla poses! Mostly it's the girls. Gibby is happy to climb up on my side while I am laying on the ground taking pictures of Greer and Gwen.

Gwen looks like the Catzilla on either a Saturday Night Live sketch, or Monty Python.

Gibby sharpens his claws on the mega condo

Cat or Squirrel?

Catzilla everywhere!


Yes, mama and I have a sort of truce. She actually likes the attention, although she is still a little wary. She is sometimes up for a little play, and I discovered she does indeed now have a little milk! The babies are pretty much weaned at this point, but I guess it's a sign she is getting healthy now.