Friday, August 28, 2009

the circus is in town!

Not really, but it seems like a circus at itty bitty central! The cougars went back to the shelter Wednesday, and I actually came home empty handed. It worked out well, as I really needed to scrub down snot city before we got any more kittens. Last night I picked up 7 more itty bitties! They have been dubbed, the Circus! They are full of energy, and seem to love their new diggs. There is a lot more room in there than in the small cages at the shelter.

This crew came with names...some I like, most not so much. They gave the patch tabbies "P" names, and that is just not going to stick. Panda, Polar and Pandora. The other 4 are names Colonel, Sanders, Popeye and Wendy. Took me a minute to see the connection...all fast food related names. Nope, that's not going to happen either.

From left to right, Major, Vegas and Reno.

Major stretches out.

So, Panda becomes Major, Polar becomes Vegas, Pandora becomes Reno.
Colonal is going to keep his name, and Popeye is going to become Sergent, Sanders is going to become Dallas, and Wendy will be Albany. A mix of military ranking, and cities.

Dallas does his impression of Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

Dallas looking tough as he takes on the shiny string.

Sergeant plays with the jingle ball.

Albany gives Colonel a bite, while he grabs a bite.

Sergeant prepares for the big Catzilla Dallas is getting ready to deliver from the right.

Albany looking quite innocent.

Colonel looking the part...Bossy.

In the mean time, Diego is still up on the shelter's website, but I walked all through there yesterday, and I didn't see him, so I think he has been adopted. As of this morning, John Cougar (Still listed under his former name, Jesse) and Jessica were on the site (With old photos) but Justine was not. I hope that means she got adopted!

Here's a blast from the past. Joy went to visit her sister and took the camera and snapped this picture of Spats. She is really a beautiful girl.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

snot city

Yes indeed, we have a lot of snot here at itty bitty central. It's OK though, everyone is eating, and they are all 3 getting better socialized. As you can see from the little video, they are active and happy. They are WAY more subdued than the Little 'Uns, but I can't decide if they miss 'em or not. Justine used to like to mix it up with Mowgli, and Diego liked to hang with Johnny Cougar, but they seem pretty content to just lay low.

I did hear that Sport has been adopted, as has Dora, and Diego has an application on him. Yippe! Poor Mowgli is applicationless, and I just saw that Dwight was back. I was informed he never left, that he just didn't make it up on the website. I find that hard to believe since I have been back a few times since the workers were sent back. Well, he is sweet, so I know he will get a good home soon. If you need a couple of nice, sweet guys, Dwight and Mowgli are waiting!

Mowgli is waiting for his forever home.

Remember Dwight? He is still waiting...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little Un's launch...cougars still countdown

The Little 'Uns went back to the shelter today. Everyone was up to weight, and the sneezy goopy eyes all cleared up. The Cougars made the trip too, but they were still sneezy,and John Cougar was pretty messy with runny eyes and nose, so I brought them home instead of them going straight to isolation. They seems fine now, which figures, but they still need a bit more socialization, so it's just as well.

Mowgli looks sleek and not too much like the skinny little guy he was when he got here. He is a spaz, but loves to be snuggled. Sport was cute, but held back his personality for a week or so, but now is quite the personable guy, and loves to shoulder sit. Dora is a sweet girl, who will leap across the floor from the kitty condo to your shoulder to get some attention. And then there's Diego. I spent a lot of time with him, since he was sick. He is a spoiled little guy, who will crawl over all the others to get attention. He is the bravest of this bunch, was the first to charge the door to run out of the kitty room, and ventured downstairs multiple times. The funniest thing he does is when he drinks, he puts his paw in the water bowl. It is pretty cute to see. When I took him to the shelter, I was telling the volunteer coordinator about it, and sure enough, as soon as she put water in their cage, he stepped in it to get a drink.

I am sure the cougars will be ready to go next week. They should be done with the goopy eyes, and sneezing, and I will have had some good one on three time to get them more socialized.

Monday, August 3, 2009

back with the crew

Got back Sunday afternoon to some pretty goopy eyes at itty bitty central. I was a little freaked out at first, because it must have been nap time when I got here, and everyone was pretty chill. I looked at both Justine and Jessica, and they each had one goopy eye, but both John Cougar and Mowgli had 2 each! I cleaned them all up, and gave them all a squirt of eye medicine, and everyone with a snotty nose got a squirt of saline nose spray. Needless to say, I was not extremely popular. By Sunday evening, everyone was playing as hard as ever.

Everyone is much better today, and only Jessica got a little eye medication, just in one eye. She was a tad blinky, but I think tomorrow even that will be resolved. Everyone is gaining weight, and eating, drinking and doing their kitty things, which means playing, kitty smackdown and catzilla!

Sport gets a big smackdown on Diego.

Jessica Catzillas Justine...

Justine pays her back!

Johnny Cougar is over 3lbs as of today, and Mowgli, Justine and Jessica are all over 2 1/2lbs. I think Sport is too. Just leaves Dora and Diego to get to weight. I do think that these guys are actually 3 different litters. Sport and Mowgli are much bigger than Dora and Diego. Not that it matters. I will keep them all until the little 'uns make weight. That will give me more time with Jessica and Johnny, to get them a bit more socialized.

Johnny Cougar on the "bucket."

Mowgli takes one of his seldom seen breaks. He is a bit of a spaz.

Sport takes a flying leap over Dora for the string toy.

Jessica gets her turn with the string.

Justine checks things out from up high.