Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ups and downs and trips to the vet

You can never rest with 7 kittens in the house. Not because of the antics, although I can spend many hours just watching them. No, you have to be vigilant watching for signs of sickness. Both the patch tabby girls, Reno and Vegas, have been sick. Both have been getting sub Q fluids, and appetite stimulants. Finally they seem to be back on track. I have heard sneezing from some of the others, but so far, they are all eating, some better than others.

Reno has been ill, but had a big breakfast today.

Vegas has been sick too. She also had a big breakfast today.

The sin city girls (Reno and Vegas) are feeling a bit better I think, but we had some rough days. They both stopped eating, and were getting dehydrated. I had some appetite stimulant pills left over from the Cougars and Little un's, so I gave the girls a couple of doses. Well, I have explained before how it makes them drool, and the taste must be terrible. The girls hated it. The drool was unreal. We did eventually take a trip to the vet, where they both got a shot of antibiotics, and I refilled my coffers with lactated ringers (Fluid Bag) and butterfly needles. The vet gave them both a pill for their appetites that should last a couple of days. I know they are happy about that.

This morning I toyed with the idea of giving them both a squirt of Nutrical. It's a supplement that is full of calories, and helps them mantain weight while they are fighting this upper respitory infection. I got the syringe out (That I was using to give them the appetite stimulent) and when I got near them with it, much like Pavlov's dog, they both started drooling! I decided to forgo it for now, since they both ate a good deal this morning. Hopefully, they will eat again this afternoon, and again this evening.

The rest of the circus seems to be holding their own. Let's hope that trend keeps up!

Colonel looking defiant.

Dallas has a very similar look. If he was white, they would look like twins!

Major is much bigger than his sisters, much like Johnny Cougar was bigger than his.

The "phantom" Colonel scares Major.

Albany strikes a pose.

Sergeant looks like he wants to attack...