Thursday, March 5, 2009

rampin' up

These little guys are really starting to move around. All of them now try to climb in my lap on their little wobbly legs. I have a feeling I am going to be crawling with itty bitties in a few weeks. Literally! They are awfully cute though.

Kelsey is the one who hears me and immediately starts howling and trying to get to me. This morning, she was squawking, and trying to get to me, and Sierra promptly came over, picket her up and put her back in the far corner! I wish I had the camera with me then.

They are all growing, so I am not too worried about supplementing them. We range from 7 1/2 oz, to 8 3/4 oz. They really do grow up fast...

Kelsey is the first one to the bottle...

And now takes a look around

Is it just me, or does Dot look like ET hiding in the stuffed animals?